About Hopdoc

Hopdoc is a Nashville-based, healthcare tech team with deep roots in app-building, marketing, and futuristic healthcare solutions. We’re committed to empowering providers with tools like telemedicine and digital marketing so they can thrive in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape.

It’s our firm belief that patients are best served by the trusted doctors who know them best. That technologies like telemedicine should be available to all and serve to strengthen this connection. And that giving those doctors the tools they need to keep their patients and their practice healthy is quickly becoming more and more essential to ensuring the vitality of our healthcare system.

Ashok K Mehta, MD
Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Mehta is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and serves patients age 5 and up at SimplyCare, his practice located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He attended medical school in India before arriving in the United States and joining Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania for his residency. An avid proponent of futuristic healthcare solutions, Dr. Mehta has since founded TheDNADietClub and PuredropCBD. He began successfully incorporating telemedicine into his own practice 6 years ago and currently conducts 70-100 patient video visits a week.

John Leu
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

John spent over twenty years as a creative director at some of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies including BBDO and Grey in New York. He’s created memorable campaigns for global brands like Pepsi, FedEx, and GE. His experience in health-related marketing includes initiatives for GE Healthcare and Crest, as well as various pharma brands and hospital networks. John’s work has received industry-wide recognition including Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, Clios, and a pair of Emmy nominations.

Jeff Ridlehoover
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

Jeff is a post-9/11 Navy veteran with over ten years of experience providing software and fintech solutions to members of various healthcare associations and small business owners. A serial entrepreneur, Jeff counts Hopdoc as the third company where he has been a member of the founding team. His accomplishments include starting a restaurant app company that sold to the two largest independent pizza chains in Nashville and over 40 total restaurant locations its first few months in business as well as signing strategic partnerships with large organizations such as LendingTree and StreetShares.

Susanna Hamner
Chief Communications Officer & Co-Founder

Susanna is a former business and technology writer and editor based in Nashville. Her work has appeared in various publications, including The New York Times, Wired, CBS News, and Time Inc. She’s previously worked as a reporter for Time Inc’s Business 2.0 magazine, writing in-depth cover stories and features on a wide variety of topics, including tech startups, venture capitalism, social media, and maverick retailers. She also wrote weekly columns and articles for CNNMoney.com and was a frequent guest on CNN’s American Morning, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, CNNMoney.com videos, and national radio talk shows.

Michael O’Dell
Fractional Chief Growth Officer

Michael is a consummate tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in designing, marketing, and selling enterprise software solutions. He has deep knowledge of the internet media landscape as well as the world of worktech, healthtech, and fintech. Michael has a passion for taking great software to market. 

He recently led his former company through a $53 million CAD A round and a $120 million USD B round.